M4 Carbine

The M4 (for example, emulating a colt commando) is great for re-enactments.

Since we use infrared rather than paintballs you can safely use your authentic costumes without them getting paint damaged. Our sensors can be attached to any hat, headwear or helmet with Velcro.

You can have the most authentic combat entertainment experience with Battlefield LIVEā„¢ RPG games with everything from Rangers, and the SWAT team, to Navy Seals.

Standard issue color: Hammerburst black.

Gun Specs
Weight 4kg/8.5lbs
Length 87cm/34″
Other Spec
Range Long range setting: up to 200m/660ft
Weapon Emulations
Emulations Colt commando, M1 Carbine, AK47/AKM, M2 Carbine, MP-43, MP-44, Stg 44