The Ambush

If you want to succeed in taking on the enemy, you’re going to need to learn about how to ambush a group of enemy gamers, especially at close range. Remember you need to take into account that the sensors only take hits once every few seconds.

If you’re playing in a normal session then the enemy can only be hit once every 2 seconds. If you’re on a members only game then it will be less.

To do maximum damage you need to rotate your targets so that you hit each gamer, every few seconds so that each one of them has their gun disabled and cannot return fire.

What I do is start shooting on the left most gamer and work my way across the group over a couple of seconds so that every target takes a hit.

I then swing my rifle from the right hand end of the group, back over to the left where you started from – firing all the time to catch anyone that I may have missed the first time.

Then the process starts again as I swing from left to right…

Of course the enemy should be taking cover, and returning fire. As soon as they effectively return fire (you start getting hit) you should quickly retreat so you live long enough to setup another ambush position.