Fire & Manoeuvre

One of the problems faced in real combat as well as games like paintball, airsoft and Battlefield LIVE is how to effectively destroy an enemy force that is hiding behind cover.

In Battlefield LIVE, no matter how much you fire at the target, your rounds will not penetrate the cover. If you simply advance forward the enemy will pick you off as you try to cross open ground.

In this situation there are two viable options.

One is to form a skirmish line and lots of you charge the position hoping to rush the enemy and overwhelm them by sheer weight of numbers. This is a total shoot-fest for the defenders and lots of the attackers will, at best get hit more likely die.

The other option is to employ fire and manouvre. You can then keep the enemy target hiding in cover whilst part of your force flank the enemy, this option obviously takes some team work!

Here’s how you do it in 3 easy steps!

  1. Gamers who either have long guns in the squad (this could be one person) or the players who can’t run all the way to the enemy base need to apply significant suppressive fire onto the enemy position (Shoot at the enemy posistion). This weight of fire should keep the enemy in cover and not spotting or shooting our guys who are about to move!
  2. While the enemy is under fire the remainder of the attackers move (usually choosing the flank with the most cover) around to the left or right of the enemy position and hit them from the sides.
  3. The flanking team may choose to break down again if a good location of cover is found between the original base of fire and send a smaller assaulting force.

The fire and manouvre is the most basic building block of any attack. If you can master it as a pair, it is very easy to scale it up and up and up, until you have half your team firing and half your team moving!