Team Deathmatch

This is the E Combat Neath mission called Team Death Match – the most basic game we play.  – This is a great warmup game, get you into the battle and gather your bearings for all the major landmarks on the battlefield.

Your single objective is to wipe out the enemy.

We have three versions of this game depending on the player’s skill level. Junior sessions or parties for kids will have unlimited respawns throughout the game. Intermediate players parties for teenagers and those who have mastered the basic version will be given limited number of respawns – typically the equivalent of one per player. Finally there is the Advanced version, reserved for the adult party sessions and players who really want the edgy thrill of no respawns.

Even though this is a standard game, our marshal team will still add in some storyline to your party to give you a living computer game experience.

Winning the game:

The winner in Team Death Match is the team with either, the fewest respawns or the most players left alive at game over.
  1. For Elite Missions and adult groups your marshal team will include story and background for this mission to give you an immersive experience.
  2. In standard set up this mission is a double header, that is to say we play it twice, giving you a chance to be the invaders and the defenders.
  3. Because this is a great warmup game we want the action to be fast paced and give you the buzz of adrenaline you can only get from E Combat.
  4. The best tactics for this game are to work as small hunting packs of 4-8 players, wiping out any opposition that you come across.