This is the E Combat Neath mission called Sabotage – this is one of the basic scenario games we play.  – This is a great backbone of a session, it really gets you into the story of your session and brings out the most tactical play in any party.

Attackers: Your briefing is to get into the objective, blow up both explosive charges and then get back to the extraction as soon as possible.

Defenders: Your single objective is to wipe out the enemy before they can attack!

This game has no respawns and as such lends itself to a slower more tactical approach. That being said an all out assault on the objective normally makes for an awesome battle.

Winning the game:

The Attackers must infiltrate, detonate and then extract themselves before the game is over. Points are available for each phase successfully completed.

Our marshal team will add in some storyline to this game to ensure your party session gives you the experience of a living computer game. This game is a one way game which means that only the Attackers can score. As such this game will either be run twice for your party session, or another one way game will be played to ensure each team has equal point scoring opportunity.

  1. For Elite Missions and adult groups your marshal team will include story and background for this mission to give you an immersive experience.
  2. In standard set up this mission is a one way, that is to say we play it twice, giving you a chance to be the Attackers and the Defenders.
  3. This game needs brains, cunning and a fair amount of bravery to overcome the enemy’s defenses and detonate the explosives
  4. The best tactics for this game are to work as small hunting packs of 4-8 players, push hard for the objective or risk getting wiped out.