Everybody who plays Nest at E Combat Neath knows this mission is all about the big guns! The game isn’t complete without fast paced attack and a even more frantic defense. We have been playing this game  at E Combat Neath for quite a few years now and still get a massive smile whenever players take to the machine guns to defend against the relentless attack.

Defenders: This is our strongest position on the front, only fools would attack us here. Hold out against the assault for as long as possible we’re sure to be victorious as long as the guns are manned!

Attackers: We’ve got to take over the enemy machine gun nests at all costs they’re taking out too many of our men. We’ve got tons of reinforcements waiting to take your place if you do not succeed.

Winning the game:

The team which defends the Nest and mans the machine guns for the longest time, wins.
  1. The number of machine guns varies depending on the number of players in your party. More players, more machine guns simple!
  2. In standard set up this mission is played twice at the end of the session worth just enough points that either team can win the war.
  3. This game needs a plan, the best teams decide on the strategy before the mission and stick with it until the bitter end – unless it really isn’t working!
  4. The best tactics for defending in this game are to stay aware of who is on the machine guns and if that person dies, get up there and take their place.