This is the mission played at E Combat Neath called Medic.  This is a great game for the middle of a session, once you have got into the heat of battle and gathered your bearings of landmarks on the battlefield.

Your objective is to wipe out the enemy and there is a bonus on offer for taking out the opposition’s medic. Once you’ve killed their medic, its an easy job to wipe the rest of them out.

We have two versions of this game depending on the player’s skill level. Junior sessions or parties for kids when players die they have to go and find their team’s medic who can bring them back into the game. The Advanced version, reserved for the adult party sessions and players who really know what they’re doing. In the advanced version the players stand still (or lie down) when they are dead and their medic needs to come in order to respawn them.

Even though this is a standard game, our marshal team will still add in an awesome storyline to your party to give you a living computer game experience.

Winning the game:

The winner in Medic is the team with the most players left alive at game over, and a bonus is available for taking out the opposition’s medic.
  1. For Elite Missions and adult groups your marshal team will include story and background for this mission to give you an immersive experience.
  2. In standard set up this mission lasts for about 20 minutes, the most important thing is to find their medic whilst still protecting your own.
  3. Players both young and old really enjoy this game, and with dead players everywhere screaming for their medic this game is an awesome experience!
  4. The best tactics for this game are to work as small hunting packs of 4-8 players, wiping out any opposition that you come across looking for the medic.