This game is called Control and is one of the original E Combat Neath missions. Whilst we have been playing this game for a while this game is still exciting as it never plays the same way twice.

Your Generals have decided you need to push forward and capture a hill fort in order to set up a vital communications post. Your supply chain will support you with respawns for as long as it can, after that you’re on your own.

This game is all about being in the objective at the end of the game, nothing else matters.

Winning the game:

Points are awarded to the team with the most players alive in the objective building at the end of the game.
  1. This game plays out differently every time we play it, sometimes both teams attack relentlessly throughout others its a last minute charge.
  2. In standard set up this mission is played once and is normally worth big points, bonus points on offer in larger games too.
  3. This game needs a plan, the best teams decide on the strategy before the mission and hope that they can hold it together until the end.
  4. The best tactics for this game are to try and “team up” with another player or two for a last minute charge for the objective!