Do Battle


If you have ever played combat games on a games console or PC and enjoyed the thrill of one to one combat or team challenges, then now it is time to live them! Just turn up with a few friends kit yourself out with all the gear provided including protective clothing, weapons with sensors and it’s time for action!

Battlefield LIVE is an ideal alternative to Paintballing where you can enjoy all the excitement and adrenalin rush without the risk of being bruised by a stray paintball pellet. Battlefield LIVE weapons do not fire projectiles but instead fire a safe infrared beam of light that activates sensors fitted to various pieces of your opponents kit. The gaming weapons are highly accurate, using red dot scopes and are the most sophisticated on the market with real time action feedback and battle sounds.

That said, most games get the adrenaline flowing, this most definately is not tame laser tag. All games are fully marshalled by trained staff.

Unlike paintball there are no extra charges for ammo and no long waits. When all your lives are gone your marshal will  respawn you straight back into the action.

Our games mirror military exercises and challenge gamers to Capture & Hold a Base, Rescue the VIP, Infiltration, Flight Box, Intel, and other scenarios.  We have different types of weapon and in most scenarios you will have the opportunity of using the Claymore mines.

This section will contain all the kit, the missions, tactics, the battlefield, and more. At the moment it’s a work in progress.